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Pandemic Supply Chain Shortages are Still Very Real in the Northeast

Sports drinks. Car parts. Computer chips. It seems like nearly every industry is experiencing a shortage of goods.

On Behalf of Veitengruber Law | Jan 27,2022


Sports drinks. Car parts. Computer chips. It seems like nearly every industry is experiencing a shortage of goods. We have grown accustomed to going to the store only to find a mass of empty shelves where essential items once were stocked. In this world of same-day delivery and online shopping, it can be a shock to find that we are still—two years into this pandemic—grappling with the disruption to the supply chain. Even in heavily populated states like New Jersey, some goods and products are simply impossible to find.

The supply chain is something most of us didn’t think about prior to the pandemic. It is the invisible pathway that takes a product from start—where it is mined or grown or manufactured—to finish: in your hands. Lockdowns, quarantines, and sickness have reduced productivity at many levels of production in the supply chain, as well as in transportation. Many industries have found themselves unable to create the goods necessary to keep up with demand, or otherwise unable to transport the goods they do have.

The logistical nightmare of the pandemic will certainly change the way we make and transport goods in the future, but right now companies are simply doing what they can to get through the pandemic. So what can we do in the meantime?

Shop smart. Buy a little extra of the essential products you need regularly - especially the products that are essential to maintaining your health and wellbeing. That being said, don’t stockpile. We all remember the toilet paper hoarding that transpired at the beginning of the pandemic. Over-buying can exacerbate the supply chain problems.

Be patient. This won’t last forever. Keep in mind that the entire world is dealing with these supply chain issues. Shipping might take longer, it may take more time for your grocery store to restock products, and building contractors might require more time than normal on a project. It's best for your mental health to expect delays and be patient with businesses as they work through the logistics of supply chain chaos.

Shop local. Learn about the businesses in your area of New Jersey and shop local when possible. Turn the challenge of supply chain shortages into an opportunity to try the local farms and other businesses in South and Central Jersey.



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