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How NJ Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorneys Can Work Together

Are you a collaborator or a competitor?

On Behalf of Veitengruber Law | May 25,2022

When faced with whether to collaborate with or compete against other New Jersey attorneys, we choose collaboration every time.

At Veitengruber Law, we specialize in bankruptcy defense and debt resolution. While family law and divorce law are not in our wheelhouse, we do find that our area of practice is often applicable to divorcing couples. A divorce attorney is not likely to know the intricacies of bankruptcy law, and this is where collaboration can be effective. We can review a case, provide feedback, and offer advice on how to best protect our client. (If we see someone struggling, it's our very first instinct to want to help them get back on their feet.)

Financial issues are a leading cause of divorce and divorce itself can often lead to financial issues. It can be difficult for separated or divorcing couples to balance lawyer fees, pay for two households, and adjust to a single income. It can be advantageous for a divorce attorney to seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney to ensure their clients are protected. When divorce attorneys enlist the help of an expert in bankruptcy and debt management, they can spend more time focused on the complexities of divorce law and family court.

This is also true in reverse. Veitengruber Law does not claim to be an expert on divorce law, but sometimes it is helpful with our cases to get an expert’s opinion in that area of practice. The best way to connect with these experts is to establish a mutually collaborative relationship. We offer our advice and expertise knowing we could very well need their advice and expertise in the future.

Collaboration goes beyond working with legal professionals outside of our area of expertise. It also means establishing relationships with those who could otherwise be seen as our competition. Developing and maintaining professional relationships with the best and most well-respected professionals in New Jersey keeps us connected with the brightest minds in the field. There is more than enough business to go around. It is a waste of time and energy attempting to “win” clients.

Working collaboratively with the best in our field as our resources and maintaining those relationships is the best way to do what is right for us, for our clients, and for our community. Are you going to spend your time, energy, and resources fighting against the competition just to alienate yourself from potentially valuable connections? Or are you going to offer your services openly, make connections, and work towards building a better community?

We will choose collaboration every time. We are looking for collaborators to join our network of experienced professionals. If this sounds like you, please connect with us on LinkedIn; let's set up a call or lunch!


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