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As the NJ Eviction Moratorium Ends, We Can Help

On Behalf of Veitengruber Law | Oct 04,2021

The NJ eviction moratorium prevented landlords from putting renters on the street for failure to pay rent during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The moratorium was initially instated to help renters who experienced job loss or reduced income AND to ensure that renters were able to stay quarantined inside their homes to prevent further spread of the virus.

As the pandemic stretched on much longer than anyone anticipated, the moratorium on evicting renters from their domiciles was extended. Now, however, the protection is coming to an end.

Why is the Eviction Moratorium Ending?

While the original intent of the eviction moratorium was to provide aid to those NJ renters whose job status or livelihood was negatively impacted by COVID-19, the current national outlook on the virus is getting better. The combination of vaccines, indoor mask wearing, and proper social distancing has convinced New Jersey lawmakers that it is safe for evictions to commence.

It's true that, even if you're months behind on your rent, you can't officially be removed from your NJ rental home or apartment until January 2022. However, landlords are allowed to begin the eviction process now and ejectment hearings are being scheduled.

The last thing we want to see is you locked out of your home because you didn't have all of the necessary information.

If you are still facing joblessness and have been unable to generate enough income to pay your rent, consider speaking directly with your landlord to see if they would be willing to lower your rent to a reasonable amount while you get back on your feet.

For those New Jersey renters who have either:

  1. Already spoken with their landlords, to no avail, and/or
  2. Don't feel comfortable reaching out to their landlord to ask for help -

We can help you.
In fact, helping people in your situation is what Veitengruber Law has become known for. Our team anticipates a large influx of clients just like you in the very near future, and we are running on all cylinders in order to be prepared to assist everyone who needs us.

Although it may seem like the end of the eviction moratorium could mean certain disaster, trust us when we say that there are many other things we can do to keep a roof over your head. We are fully aware that the effects of the pandemic are still being felt by a huge number of New Jersey residents. While we, like everyone else, are SO READY to never hear the words COVID-19 ever again, we acknowledge that the negative effects of the virus reach far beyond the physical.

If you are currently renting in New Jersey and have no idea how you're going to pay your rent (whether in full or even in part) and are afraid you won't have a place to live very soon, call us today. We WANT to help, and we can help.


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